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Author: Kate Hopwood

Catherine Hendy

Catherine Hendy is a London based contemporary jewellery designer and maker. She studied Jewellery, Silversmithing and Related Arts at Sir John Cass, London Metropolitan University. Since graduating in 2010, she’s gone on to set up her own business and designed a new collection of work based around the themes of line and form.

Using traditional jewellery making techniques, each piece is crafted with a methodical and considered approach. The aesthetic inspirations for her designs derive from contemporary architectural themes and repetition. Using these influences, she creates geometric and simplistic pieces. Working primarily in precious metals, she strives to create elegant and structural pieces that can be defined by their pure forms and clean lines.

Catherine Hendy website

Maria Allen

Maria Allen began her jewellery label in 2008 whilst she was studying Graphic Design at Brighton University. After being unable to find unique, affordable jewellery, she began making jewellery herself, collecting vintage charms, lockets and cameos.

Since graduating in 2011, Maria has designed a brand new jewellery collection made from etched cherry wood that features custom made letter necklaces, ampersands, animals and birds, stemming from her inspirations which include typography, travel and nature. Each piece of jewellery is designed and handmade in the UK

Maria Allen website

Jane Adam

Jane Adam has an international reputation for her unique jewellery in anodised aluminium. This work is the result of twenty-eight years of innovation and experimentation with colour, texture and form. Her new work in silver and gold explores these further.

Jane uses the nature of the material itself to create form and surface texture by stressing and distorting it. She is most concerned with how a piece feels when it is worn. Her jewellery comes alive when it finds a wearer, forming a sensual relationship with them and becoming part of their expression of self.

Official Jane Adam website