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Kate Hopwood Jewellery Posts

Daniel Wellington

The story about the brand Daniel Wellington start when the company’s founder, Filip Tysander, was backpacking in Asia. He met an intriguing gentleman which had a fondness for vintage watches, he wore them on NATO straps.. his name? Daniel Wellington. This was the start of the now very famous swedish watchbrand. In addition to watches they also now carry cuffs in their selection.

Daniel Wellington

Kate Smith

Currently based in Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter Kate Smith Jewellery symbolises a passion for both original design and skilled craftsmanship, creating beautiful pieces of adornment in precious materials such as silver, gold and diamonds.

The inspiration behind each of Kate’s main bodies of work has been influenced by Kate’s time spent in the Shropshire countryside and the intrinsic patterns and strong forms found within such an environment. The outcome is elegant striking and feminine Jewellery set within 6 collections that each hold their own unique style and attraction.

Kate Smith Jewellery

Hannah Souter

Whilst studying Goldsmithing, Silversmithing and Jewellery Design at Kent Institute of Art and Design, Hannah found that her work was strongly influenced by her love of organic forms. In 2003 Hannah moved back to Cambridgeshire where she set up her own workshop, supplying many galleries and developing work for exhibitions and craft fairs.

‘Inspired by the beauty and delicate structures found in the natural world I make sculptural jewellery and silversmithing.

Working in precious metals such as silver and 18ct gold my jewellery comprises of hand pressformed and individually fabricated units. Subtle surface textures and contrasting finishes are combined in each piece creating fine jewellery that is both unique and tactile. ‘

Hannah Souter Jewellery

Ros Millar

Ros Millar, grew up in Bangor, Northern Ireland, and first exploited her passion for jewellery while studying for a Foundation Degree in Art and Design at Ulster University in Belfast. She developed her skills, moving to Sheffield to study for her Degree of BA (Hons) in Metalwork and Jewellery. Since graduating in 2009 her work has attracted attention from around the industry. She is now based in London and is working to expand her current collection.

Et innlegg delt av rosmillar (@rosmillar)

Ros Millar’s work comprises a range of jewellery focusing mainly on rings and large neckpieces. In her exploration of materials and colours she uses processes such as cuttlebone casting and photo-etching. Her collection is to be enjoyed on and off the body allowing the wearer to grow and develop an appreciation of the true beauty and subtle complexities inherent within her work.
Ros Millar

Rose Ellen Cobb

Rose Ellen Cobb is a contemporary jeweller originally from Manchester but now based in Essex. Jewellery design is a relatively new venture for Rose, having been a designer for the past 10 years, working in Architecture, interiors, furniture & product design, Rose has moved further down in scale by applying her love of pattern, colour and surface texture to hand crafted pieces of jewellery.

‘I find that capturing textures, from perishable items such as lace, in the surface of the clay quite alluring and have developed a range of work called Porcelain and Lace around this idea. Colour and pattern have always been attractive to me and this is evident in many of my ranges. I am currently working on a new body of work which looks at printing techniques onto bone china pieces of jewellery.’

Rose Ellen Cobb website

Polly Wales

Polly Wales studied Fine Art Sculpture before following her passion for jewellery and retraining at the Royal College of Art graduating in 2006. She has bought together her skills as a sculptor, her love of traditional casting and carving techniques and her craftsmanship to create one of a kind pieces of jewellery.

Her current collections use a serendipitous approach to lost wax casting techniques married with the rich colours and beautiful cuts of fine gem stones. Polly uses sapphires and rubies directly cast into gold, creating pieces that resemble natural gem encrusted forms, like sparkling geodes split open, or discoveries from the deep. This unorthodox process is unique to Polly and has become her signature style, gaining her international recognition at major exhibitions and in craft and jewellery galleries.

Polly Wales website

Alex Yule

Alex draws her inspiration from her surrounding environment, inheriting her father’s interest in wild flowers and love of beach-combing rocky coastlines.

“From a young age I have expressed my creative ideas in 3D forms and went on to train in Display Design. I soon moved into roles building bespoke props and window schemes for stores such as Harvey Nichols before developing my craft further in a career in architectural model making for a leading Covent Garden based practice.

However, I am now dedicated to my long-term ambition to establish myself as a jeweller, having studied at both City Lit and Sir John Cass where I honed my skills working with precious metals.

Former influences are reflected in my jewellery in which you will always find an architectural style softened by a love of natural forms.”

website Alex Yule

Ruth Bridges

Ruth has worked in the jewellery industry since graduating from the University of Brighton’s Three-Dimensional Crafts BA(Hons) in 1998. She started her career in the workshop of an established Brighton jeweller where she stayed for six years before starting her own business. She now designs and makes all of her jewellery from her workshop in East Sussex.

Ruth is passionate about craftsmanship and the tradition of making by hand. All of her jewellery is made and finished to a meticulously high standard and attention to detail. She draws inspiration from sources including rock formations and pebbles smoothed and hollowed by the elements, map symbols and mathematical drawings. The beautiful shapes created by nature contribute to the smooth, tactile forms that recur in her jewellery.

Ruth Bridges Jewellery website

Mandana Oskoui

Since graduating from Kensington and Chelsea College in 2006, Mandana has been selected to participate in a number of prestigious exhibitions and invited to showcase her work at various galleries around the country.

Inspired by the diverse formations, sequences and architectures found in minerals and rocks, precious metals of varying carat and colour are immaculately prepared and soldered together to re-create patterns and structures corresponding to those found in nature. Shimmering gemstones and lustrous pearls are specially sourced and incorporated into her pieces for added sparkle and depth.

Her highly alluring sculptural pieces have an original style, capturing the essence of negative space through their three dimensional quality while reflecting light with movement. Her alterable pieces have been designed specifically to suit different occasions, from day to night.

Mandana Oskoui website